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I’m raising money to support the finishing and printing of my first written work, and to further enable me to produce videos of myself speaking and performing.

So many, many thanks for the $800+ donations so far to my Go Fund Me!

Carl Goss
Dehlia Hopp
James Gibson
Pam Kuhlmey
Tosin Awofeso
Rocko Stedy Narvios
Selah Vie
Robert Perez
Cyle Hernandez
Nancy Milan
& Nelson Guda!



“There are few people in this world that I’ve come across that I believe in as much as this woman. There are people born, bred, groomed and tested for leadership. There are people who have been through things that most can’t survive. There are people who are so talented that for them not to showcase to the world is a crime. There are people who have a dream of humanity so grand, creative and beautiful that it’s inevitable. There are people, given the resources and opportunities necessary, GUARANTEED to make a difference. Allyssa Milan is one of those people. Support her vision. You may not know her but trust me when I say if you’ve ever wanted to ACTUALLY invest in a better world, if you’ve ever SERIOUSLY considered being a part of something great, you look back at the moment you clicked the donate button as the beginning of the change that the world has needed. Call me in five years if I’m wrong, but right now, give whatever you can to this force of nature. You will not regret it and she deserves it more then you could know, and it won’t just help her, but all the people she plans to lift up.”
Tosin Awofeso, Musician, Writer

“I believe all of us understand the feeling of loving something so much that we pour our hearts and life into it. We all have some driving force that pulls at our hearts and lifts us out of bed every morning. Maybe it’s your children, a lover, your faith, your career or even your dreams. When I first read Allyssa Milan’s writing I knew she had a special message to share with the world and understood writing was that “thing” that tugged at her heart. I have witnessed her evolution as she has persevered through the obstacles life has thrown at her as a writer. Two years ago I was terrified to get on stage and I knew in the bottom of my heart it was my dream to be a singer. When I met Allyssa her undying pursuit to follow her dreams as a writer inspired me. When she heard me sing for the first time she said “You are a gem. You truly have something special. You HAVE to share your voice with the world.” I can honestly say if it wasn’t for the encouragement I received from Allyssa and her genuine belief in me as a singer, I would not be where I am today. With that being said, I have never seen someone light up more than when I see Allyssa talk about getting her first book printed. I have seen this woman give and give and give to others and is always asking “How can I help?” For those of you who don’t know her hopefully one day you will. I wish you could see and understand the light she has shed on this world. In this time of need I urge you to give back to Allyssa what she has been giving so effortlessly to others. Please donate to Allyssa to help her print her first book and get other materials she needs to pursue her dream as a writer! I believe full-heartedly that the good you put out comes back around in unexpected beautiful ways. Maybe one day her magical words will act as the encouragement and love you need at the right moment. Anything helps.”
Hilary Kuhlmey, Singer/Songwriter

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