dangerous love

words by allyssa + photos byΒ vallejo


She thinks about everything left unsaid, and how language does not only happen in the realmΒ of words.

She wanted to meet someone who could speak those wordless languages.

She knew she would.

She knew she would meet someone with whom she might identify and share something beautiful, something meaningful, something extraordinary β€” perhaps even something lasting β€” but she hadn’t done it yet.

She hadn’t been ready.

She wanted to know her self, first.

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the succulence of being

words by allyssa + photos byΒ vallejo











She would lie

on her bed

and dream.

Of a world where she would never hear a child scream,Β 

save for the moments that felt thrilling and enlivening.

Like, on a rollercoaster.

Or, openingΒ presents

on Christmas morning.Β 

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