cleaning up

I stand in a grocery store aisle and overhear a man ask his girlfriend, “Do we need Q-tips?”

I am struck by the pleasant thought that nothing really matters.

But love makes it all worthwhile.

I smile.

I go outside to the bus stop and wait. An older gentleman named José approaches me and asks if I speak Spanish. Un poquito, I say.

He has a big cross around his neck. I remember seeing him on the bus a few days ago, he sat next to me and we spoke for a few minutes.

He asks if I am a student. I say that I am a student of life, y me gusta cantar y escribir.

We get to talking about God, and he tells me he loves Jesus, the church. He asks what I believe.

“God is in everything and everyone. God is where life is,” I say.

He likes this. He tells me God wants to live in our hearts. But God will only live there if we clean it up.

Cleaning up our hearts.


Dios quiere vivir en mi corazón.

I have always enjoyed cleaning up in preparation for good company.

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